Exquisite artificial plants, flowers and the containers to display them – Rogue leads the way.

We comb the globe for artificial plants, floral arrangements and floral components that are the closest replicas of nature’s beauty. Back at Rogue’s Melbourne base, many of our arrangements are lovingly crafted by our talented floral design team – with unparalleled speed to market. Rogue has been around for 16 years and counting, and is directed by a founder with 26 years of botanical expertise and passion.

With Rogue, you can create stunning decorative features for visual merchandising displays, office environments, special events, nurseries and last but not least – Australian homes.



We offer an abundance of greenery stems, loose plants, trees and potted plants that are as lifelike as they get.


From loose floral stems to complex handcrafted arrangements, our floral collection is second-to-none.


We offer an ultimate range of pots, planters, vases, hangers and decorative vessels for your plant or arrangement.


Through harnessing the latest technologies and drawing on our wealth of botanical expertise, we are able to offer hassle-free products that so closely reflect nature. Artificial arrangements promise ongoing pleasure with no need to change water, collect fallen petals or dispose of wilted blooms. This convenience makes Rogue the perfect choice bringing the delight of foliage and flowers to homes, offices and commercial spaces. Another reason to choose Rogue is that our loose stems give you the power to craft an arrangement that expresses your unique flair. Your creation can be added to or restyled with new components as you desire.

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