Pots, planters, vases and more!

Rogue's containers are the stylist's choice for displaying plants and floral arrangements. They're also decorative on their own. 

For blooms and bushes, we offer various glass vases, terracotta pots, antiqued domes, tub pots, basket pots and hanging displays. Larger trees and floral arrangements are also at home in Rogue's planters. Lately, planters with stands have become particularly sought-after in decorating. 

For commercial display of floral bunches and stems, Rogue’s container range also offers shopper-friendly flower stands. 




The marble look is sophisticated yet edgy, classical yet on-trend. We offer a variety ceramic containers finished with the beauty of grey veined marble that make a chic home for your floral arrangement or plant.


We scout the latest global trends to bring you attractive ceramic plant containers. Hot this season are our fun illustrated pots (pictured above). Metallic, terracotta and concrete elements are also in vogue. 


We're excited about the resurgence in planter stands!. This Summer 2017/2018 we've sourced a contemporary offering for keeping plants high off the floor. The above Austin Planter is crafted from polly concrete and oak wood.   


Our glass container collection includes vases that are cylindrical, spherical, pail and tub shaped as well as bowls, terrariums, beakers, jars, bottles and hanging vessels. 


Our wall planters are perfect for adding a refreshing burst of green to narrow settings or walls needing some love. When filled with our loose succulent plants, the bold appeal of a planter’s structure stands out. Alongside our popular galvanised iron planters, we're also offer angular wire style options.  


There's nothing like the grain of wood. Unique, intriguing and so natural that it surpasses fashion or trend. Above is our Stump Planter which is crafted from beautiful paulownia wood.