Potted Orchids

Phalaenopsis and cymbidium orchids: 
more than just trends!

With enduring demand that keeps growing and growing, orchids are forever in vogue. The timeless beauty of the phalaenopsis and cymbidium can be frequently spotted in designer living magazines and the most impeccably-styled homes.

Rogue is a market leader in artificial orchids. The breadth of our collection is second-to-none, giving you the choice of sizes, colours and styles to complete any setting. The quality of our orchids also sets us apart.  For many arrangements we use highly specialised Photo Technology to replicate nature in the most authentic way possible. This process allows us to apply a photograph of a living orchid to our artificial petals – thus capturing natural nuances. What’s more, many of our orchids showcase real-touch materials for added beauty.

As with Rogue’s other flower arrangements, the majority of our orchids are passionately crafted in Melbourne by our expert stylists. For Winter 2017, we're adding exquisite products to the collection - presented in new glass and ceramic pots. See below for a taste...


Deluxe Phalaenopsis - Celine Bowl

Dancing Orchid - Classic Bowl

Phalaenopsis - Lush Pot